Obtaining a Legion puppy

Puppies at our kennel are very special and we make it our business to ensure that they are placed in the best homes.

Before you acquire a puppy from our kennel we prefer to meet with prospect owners in order to ascertain their needs, their circumstances and the reason for wanting to acquire a rottweiler. The rottweiler is not for everyone and we try our best to match the correct puppy with the correct family. Accordingly, our puppies are only allocated after we have conducted an aptitude test on the puppies at 7 weeks. As the test is designed to assess the puppy's natural instincts such as prey drive, obedience aptitude, compatibility with home environment and dominance, this test is used to match the temperament aspect with the puppy. The conformation is often based on personal preference and we try to advise the prospect owners on the puppy that will best meet their needs.

We raise our puppies on the best nutrition and ensure that they are delivered in the best condition to new owners. Puppies are typically sold by agreement, as we expect certain conditions to be fulfilled by new owners, e.g. basic training.

Or breeding program is best on the best studs in SA, but we have introduced some foreign males by means of importing frozen semen and performing artificial inseminations on our females. This has been very successful thus far.

Our goal is to breed rottweilers that are excellent in both conformation and character and studs are selected for excellence in both these aspects.

Lastly, we are committed to the puppy for a lifetime and trust that you will do the same.


Current Litters

Please make arrangements to visit us (see contact page for details) if you would like to acquire one of our puppies.
The following litters are currently available:

  DOB: 17 Jan 2008  
Male X Female
Chanteur Fabiano Legion Anomaly

Click here to view some puppy pictures: Coming soon !!!

J Litter (5 males, 1 female):

Future Litters

Be be announced.


Past Litters

Click on litter link to view parents and some puppy pictures.

I Litter  - Chanteur Fabiano x Legion Alacrity

H Litter - Chanteur Rhaman x Legion Anomaly

G Litter - Arzadon Tayson x Legion Alacrity

F Litter - Chanteur Bouka x Lübecker Asha of Legion

E Litter - Arzadon Tayson x Legion Anomaly

D Litter - Chanteur Rhaman x Legion Alacrity

C Litter - Benno v.h. Falconsnest x Legion Anomaly

B Litter - Chanteur Bouka x Lübecker Asha of Legion

A Litter - Chanteur Dokai x Lübecker Asha of Legion