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The latest update took place in Sep 08. Latest items in RED.


Breeding program

We are proud to announce the latest addition to our breeding program:

16 Aug 2008

  • .Saturday morning our J Litter arrived. The puppy aptitude test will most likely take place on Sunday 5 October 08. Please visit our puppy page for details of parents.

  • This litter a repeat with the stud of the I litter (please see past litters for photos of this awesome litter), but on the litter sister this time.

7 Mar 2008

  • .Friday morning at 08:00 AM H Litter puppy aptitude test will take place.

28 Feb 2008

  • Chevy & Chanteur Salute litter born - see our puppy page for details.

27 Feb 2008

  • Alacrity & Chanteur Fabiano litter born - see our puppy page for details.

17 Jan 2008

  • Anomaly & Chanteur Rhaman litter born- see our puppy page for details.

27 Decr 2007

  • Alacrity mated with Chanteur Fabiano - see our puppy page for details.

  • Chanteur Fabiano added to our list of stud males - follow his link from the males page under the stud section.

20 Nov 2007

  • Al Capone (Odo) was lost after a series visits to the vet and specialists. The post mortem revealed that a sharp object ingested caused a huge hole in his small intestine and caused his death. This was really trying times for us as his death was really unexpected. He sired 3 litters just before his death and we are looking at these litters to see his we can find a "little Odo".

19 Nov 2007

  • Elixir was unfortunately put to sleep.

14 Nov 2007

  • Anomaly mated with Chanteur Rhaman - see our puppy page for details.

18 Jul 2007

  • G Litter born - 3 puppies from Alacrity and Tayson by means of artificial insemination.

6 Mar 2007

  • Anomaly & Tayson litter aptitude tested by Chris Pretorius on Sunday 4 March (entire litter tested exceptionally well - very outgoing characters and excellent working drives. I have updated puppy pictures of the litter at 7 weeks of age.

  • Asha confirmed pregnant - litter expected on 24 March 2007

20 Jan 2007

  • Asha mated with Bouka on her birthday (see puppy page for more detail)

13 Jan 2007

  • Anomaly and Tayson litter born: 5 males & 4 females (see puppy page for more detail)

New stud male

Arzadon Tayson – we have imported semen from Tayson and will be using him on some of our females. We are excited about this latest acquisition and hope that this will maintain and improve our strong type. We thank Tayson's owner Mr Lasse Jensen for this opportunity. Tayson is an exceptional dog with show titles and Klubsieger awards in many countries, including at ADRK shows.
Please visit our puppies page for current and future litters.


Other News

29 - 30 Nov 2008

  • The RWBA hosting our annual Grand Victor Show (National rottweiler show), and travelling to JHB for this event.

26 Oct 2008

  • The WPRC annual championship show, with Sue Carter as judge.

23-24 Oct 2008

  • The WPRC annual IPO/BWT show, with Case Van Hattem as judge. And we will be doing IPO1 with Asha.

16-17 Aug 2008

  • The ADRK annual Klubsieger show, congratulations to all the winners. Results available on ADRK site. Contact me if you need more detail.

10-11 May 2008

  • The Dobe Club of the Cape will be hosting an IPO show and we will be there!

8-9 Mar 2008

  • The Rottweiler Breed Council and judges meeting will take place.

24 Feb 2008

  • The Western Province Rottweiler Club (WPRC) AGM will take place.

27 Jan 2008

  • The Cape Rottweiler Club (CRC) training commences at 08:00 on Sunday morning.

27 Oct 2007

  • WPRC hosted the Grand Victor show 87 entries in total see results below.

25-26 Oct 2007

  • WPRC hosted an IPO/BWT show after many years of inactivity of the sport in Western Cape.

  • We had 4 Rottweiler entries, of which only two competed, 1 Dobe and the rest of the 15 entries were GSD's.

  • Lübecker Asha of Legion qualified for BWT and was achieved the 2nd highest score in BWT.

23 Sep 2007

  • Judged the Natal Working & Herding Breeds Association - Working Class (Open Show) in Durban

18-19 Aug and 25-26 Aug 2007 Rottweil

  • ADRK Klubsieger Zuchtschau (18-19 Aug 2007)

  • IFR Show (25-26 Aug 07)

  • I wish I could share this awesome experience with all of you. I include the report which I submitted for inclusion of the WPRC newsletter which describes my experiences.

  • Click on link to see article: ADRK and IFR Report Rottweil Aug 2007

15 Jul 2007

  • Will be judging the Kennel Association - Working Class (Open Show)

10-11 Mar 2007

  • The Rottweiler Breed Council and judges meeting

25 Feb 2007

  • Judged my 1st Rottweiler Specialist Open Show. Thank you to the committee of of the Meridian Rottweiler League and especially to all the exhibitors for their support. I really had a great time in the JHB sun.

Dec 2006

  • Passed my P1 of KUSA breed judges exam

Nov 2006

  • Legion Al Capone passes and awarded Aptitude Test Title (APT)
    His mother Asha and both her parents (Helga and Quanto) also achieved this title.

  • Wrote my 1st KUSA exam towards becoming a Rottweiler breed judge

Jul 2006

  • Legion Anomaly achieves Champion title

Latest show results

31 May – 1 June 08 KUSA Classic Weekend & FCI Shows

KUSA Championship Show
Legion Gibson 10 mths CC male, best puppy, best puppy in group, reserve best puppy on show.
Legion Ghia 10 mths CC female.
Legion Anomaly Champion female, BOB
Legion Alacrity RCC female

KUSA National Show
Legion Anomaly Champion female, RBOB

FCI Show
Legion Gibson Junior male


2008 KA and Liesbeeck Kennel Club Show 1 - 2 Mar 2008

These shows was a practice session for the young puppies:

Ghia - Minor Puppy
Gibson - 2nd Minor Puppy (sorry last)
Ego - Junior, Best Junior

Ghia - Minor Puppy
Gibson - Minor Puppy, Best Rottie Puppy
Ego - Junior, Best Junior, RCC, RBOB

2007 Western Province Rottweiler Club - Rottweiler Specialist (Judge: Mr Frank Beiboer (Netherlands))

Below the summary of show results of our kennel. On the breed side our dogs performed very well, with predominantly 1ts and 2nd places. The highlight of the show was the achievement of both Junior Grand Victor and Junior Grand Victrix by the brother and sister Cypress and Clovir from the C litter (Anomaly and Benno vh Falconsnest artificial insemination), both these dogs also qualified their breed assessment.

Additionally, Asha performed very well at the IPO show, she competed in BWT and achieved the 2nd position and qualifying for the qualification.

  Class: Males Class: Females  
  Minor Puppy
VN4 - Legion Ferris
VN5 - Legion Fletcher
VP1 - Legion Edge
VP2 - Legion Ego
VP5 - Legion Eros
SG7 - Legion Dexter
SG8 - Legion Dudley
SG2 - Legion Diva of Xalan
SG3 - Legion Dribble
V1 - Legion Cypress of Xalan
Junior Grand Victor - Legion Cypress of Xalan
V2 - Legion Conner of Kilaab
V1 - Legion Clovir of Sputnix
Junior Grand Victrix - Legion Clovir of Sputnix
abs - Legion Chevy
  SA Bred
abs - Legion Al Capone
SA Bred
V2 - Legion Alacrity
V2 - Legion Anomaly
Legion Cypress of Xalan
Legion Clovir of Sputnix
abs - Legion Al Capone
2nd - L
übecker Asha of Legion (96,78,88 - 262)
BWT qualified -
Lübecker Asha of Legion


2006 Western Province Rottweiler Club - Rottweiler Specialist (Judge: Mr Dave Lower (SA))

Legion Anomaly
  • V1 Champion Class
Legion Alacrity
  • V2 Open Class
Legion Al Capone
  • V1 Open Class
  • CC Winner
Legion Conner of Kilaab
  • VVN1 Puppy Class
  • Best Puppy on Show
Legion Chevy
  • VVN1 Puppy Class
Legion Clovir of Sputnix
  • VVN2 Puppy Class


2006 Meridian Rottweiler League - Grand Victor Show (Judge: Mr Dirk Vandecasteele (Belgium))

Legion Anomaly
  • V1 Champion Class
Legion Alacrity
  • SG2 SA Bred Class
Legion Conner of Kilaab
  • VSP2 Puppy Class


2005 WPRC Rottweiler Specialist (Judge: Mr Tommie Bezuidenhout)

Legion Anomaly
  • V1 Graduate Class
  • CC Winner
  • Best Female on show
Legion Alacrity
  • V2 Graduate Class
  • RC Winner
Legion Al Capone
  • V1 Graduate Class
  • RC Winner