Hi, my name is Barron Africa and I am a Rottweiler breeder and trainer in Cape Town, South Africa. I am currently the chairman of the Western Province Rottweiler Club, and have been involved with this club, the Mitchell's Plain Rottweiler and in the past also served as the chairman of the GSD Club WC. I currently also represent our club on the Rottweiler Breed Council. My breeding program consists of the best South African studs, but I have recently introduced certain import dogs in order to breed with certain of the best ADRK German studs and bloodlines. Please visit my puppy page for details on puppies or dogs for sale. Welcome to my website enjoy the visit.

History of Rottweilers

It seems likely that the Rottweiler originated in ancient Rome as a drover dog. The ancient Roman Empire used this breed around the turn of the century to drive the cattle necessary to feed their massive armies as they crossed such traitorous terrain as the Alps in order to conquer a great part of Europe.  As the Roman Legions stopped along the way, the Rottweiler took on another task, that of guarding the camps.  The great ability of these dogs to accomplish such drover and guard dog tasks seems obvious due to the success of the Roman Legions they served. Following the fall of the Roman Empire around 260 AD, and in turn the Roman Legions, the Rottweiler was in need of a new home.  The breed found its home in a cattle-trading centre along the Neckar River in what is today southern Germany, in a town now known as Rottweil.  The dogs were used to drive cattle to market and as draft dogs to pull the butchers carts.  Following the sale of the meat the butcher placed the monies in a purse around the dogs' neck for safekeeping. It is was this history in mind that I named my kennel Legion Rottweilers.

About my Kennel

It seems likely only yesterday, when I received my first Rottweiler pup, called Caesar, from my parents as a Christmas gift in 1989. Although he was unregistered and not really of good “type”, it was a dream come true, as we were never able to have pets during my early childhood. After Caesar, I acquired a few more registered Rottweilers and started training and showing my dogs. I have had most of my joys through the hours of pleasure of training and companionship with this breed. In 2002, after some research, I acquired Lübecker Asha, from Chris Pretorius, vice chairman of the Western Province Rottweiler Club, as a working and show prospect. Asha is the foundation on which I started my breeding program. I am grateful to Chris for Asha, the advice and the support. After I met Selvin Lewis, that excellent Rottie trainer, life has never been the same. Together we developed Asha’s working abilities. It will always be the working aspect that I love most about Rotties, but I also love Rottweiler that is of excellent “type” and has a “presence” of a true working, guarding family companion.

Although I consider myself still fairly new at this, I trust that my kennel and dogs will make a contribution into improving Rottweilers in South Africa. In this regard, I have set myself certain personal goals for my breeding and working program. Ideally, I am a believe in the German Rottweiler assessment of breeding dogs, which considers both the conformation and working character of both parents before they can be bred. Unfortunately, in SA, like many other countries, we are still placing too much emphasis on conformation, which often leads to the detriment of the character and strong working drives which makes the Rottweiler complete. I therefore endeavour to in the least, continue to assess both adult dogs and puppies by means of aptitude tests (APT), breed assessments (BA) and breed survey testing (ZTP) in assisting me in my breeding program. In addition to the SA dogs, I am introducing certain ADRK and foreign bloodlines mainly through the importation of frozen semen. I am also working closely together with a few other breeders on this project, as I believe that it is through working together that we are able to move forward and improve the overall quality, character and perception of the Rottweiler in SA.