Legion Gibson Born 18/07/2007  

Gibson is a young puppy that will be exhibited when he is old enough. At this stage he is very confident and well balanced in character. He was bred from Alacrity and Arzadon Tayson by means of artificial insemination and was one of only 3 puppies in the litter.


Legion Gibson

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
IntCh Arzadon Tayson ZTP, IPO III, BH, AK, UHP, ES'06, BS'06, HD00, ED00 Barni Od Dragicevica ES' 01 Morro vom Hause Marker SchHI, AD, BH, Ztp, HD-, ED- Dux vom Duracher Tobel ADRK SCH III FH
Aska vom Altkonig ADRK SCH I BH
Int-Ch, Yu Ch Hera od Dragicevica IPO I Int Ch Odo von der Flugschneise DCH VDH SCH II ZTP BH
Bessy vom Haus Krammer IPO1
Arzadon Nancy AK IPOI DK CH Aaron Vom Hause Sinner UHP AK IPO I Kevin vom Bamberger-Tal ADRK SCH III AD BH
Pam vom Bamberger-Tal ADRK IPO I BH
Sapias Zigga UHP AK IPO I Chubaka vom hof Engelkamp ADRK IPO III, SCH III, EZA, AD BH
DK CH Arzadon Amica PH AK
Legion Alacrity BA V HD00 Ch Chanteur Dokai YGV GV BA V HD01 Chanteur Valnui HD 00 Chanteur Oriman HD00
Chanteur Toi Raisa
Chanteur Xecki HD 00 Chanteur Jabask HD 00
Ch Chanteur Quansa YGVX V BA HD 10
Lübecker Asha of Legion BA ZTP APT BWT HD00 Ch VonSeestadt Quanto APT V BA HD00 Ch VonSeestadt Cuno Ex BA HD00
VonSeestadt Emma HD00
Ch Bezville Helga of Lubecker APT V BA HD10 Ch Jimmy Da Casa De S.Domingos YGV BA HD00
Bezville Elbie HD00