Legion Dexter Born 2/07/2006  
  • SG7 Junior Class - 2007 (WPRC GV Show) [F Beiboer]


Dexter belongs to Karen Dorfling and family. He was one of the promising males from the D litter and has shown promise since he was a puppy. He is a true family dog, with and outstanding temperament and confident character. We are fortunate to receive regular updates from his proud owners. He was bred from Alacrity and Chanteur Rhaman.


Legion Dexter

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Chanteur Rhaman YGV BA APT V HD00 ED00 Chanteur Ulsaki HD00 Chanteur Maskatcha HD10 Chanteur Hasko HD00
Zenta vom Zimmerplatz of Chanteur APT HD22
Chanteur Qui Ronda HD00 Chanteur Harry
Erna vom Despetal (Imp Ger)
Chanteur Qwela HD00 Angus von Lutson HD00 CH Chanteur Pasko Apt HD11
Chanteur Taiga HD00
Chateur Ossi HD00 Butz von Schwaiger Wappen (Imp Ger) V HD 00
Bella vom Bruckenbrink (Imp Ger) SCH I AD HD00
Legion Alacrity BA V HD00 Ch Chanteur Dokai YGV GV BA V HD01 Chanteur Valnui HD 00 Chanteur Oriman HD00
Chanteur Toi Raisa
Chanteur Xecki HD 00 Chanteur Jabask HD 00
Ch Chanteur Quansa YGVX V BA HD 10
Lübecker Asha of Legion BA ZTP APT BWT HD00 Ch VonSeestadt Quanto APT V BA HD00 Ch VonSeestadt Cuno Ex BA HD00
VonSeestadt Emma HD00
Ch Bezville Helga of Lubecker APT V BA HD10 Ch Jimmy Da Casa De S.Domingos YGV BA HD00
Bezville Elbie HD00