Chanteur Fabiano Born 16/06/2006  
V, HD00




Fabiano is young male, which is very strong in type and caught my eye the very 1st time when he entered one of the shows I judged. Fabiano was selected as part of my breeding program for his good type as well as the fact that he is a Chanteur Dokai grandson, and thus presents a good opportunity to line breed with some of my females from the A Litter.


Chanteur Fabiano V HD00

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Chanteur Salute YGV HD00 Ch Chanteur Dokai YGV GV BA V HD01 Chanteur Valnui HD 00 Chanteur Oriman HD00
Chanteur Toi Raisa
Chanteur Xecki HD 00 Chanteur Jabask HD 00
Ch Chanteur Quansa YGVX V BA HD 10
Chanteur Gamschi HD 00 Chanteur Xavar HD 00 Chanteur Koh I Samuria HD00
Afra vom Bruckenbrink (Imp) V HD00
Chanteur Holly HD 00 Chanteur Maskatcha HD10
Chanteur Zana HD 00
Chanteur Gaylodi HD00


Chanteur Eccho of Dantele BA HD00 Chanteur Ilion HD 11  
Chanteur Bazi HD 00  
Chanteur Layka HD00 Chanteur Jabask HD 00 Butz vom Schwaiger Wappen (Imp Ger) V HD 00
Chanteur Zana HD 00
Ch Chanteur Quansa YGVX V BA HD 10 Angus von Lutson HD 00
Bonni von den Rheinwiesen IPO I APT BST HD 00