Lübecker Asha of Legion Born 20/01/2002  
  • SG1 Best Junior GV Show 2003
  • Junior & Intermediate Progress Cups WPGSD Club
  • Training towards IPO

Asha is my first foundation female. She has exceptional character, very strong drive and a pleasure to work. Asha was acquired from Chris Pretorius, from his super female Helga and John Hurst's Quanto. Both parents breed champions and both parents, like Asha awarded Aptitude Test titles. I am very grateful fro Chris for giving me such an awesome dog.
Please click to see pictures of Asha's parents:    Helga    Quanto     Helga Quanto


Lübecker Asha of Legion BA ZTP APT BWT HD00

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Ch VonSeestadt Quanto APT V BA HD00 Ch VonSeestadt Cuno Ex BA HD00 Ch Von Sophias Butz HD20 Ch Von Sophias Bulli HD 00
Ch Von Sophias Jayjay HD 00
Ch Chanteur Ondine V HD00 Butz von Schwaiger Wappen (Imp Ger) V HD00
Chanteur Bonique
VonSeestadt Emma HD00 Chanteur Osco of VonSeestadt HD01 Butz von Schwaiger Wappen (Imp Ger) V HD00
Belle Vom Bruckenbrink HD 00
Ch VonSeestadt Asheena Ex BA HD00 Greif Vom Bruckenbrink HD 00
Ch Chanteur Ondine V HD00
Ch Bezville Helga of Lubecker APT V BA HD10 Ch Jimmy Da Casa De S.Domingos YGV BA HD00 Afonso Da Casa De S.Domingos CH Port Buadalix de Los Acantilados (Ch. ESP)
Bonny de Lucamar (Ch. Port)
Niky Vom Hause Boller Ch Port Int./DT.VDH-CH ES'93 KS'91'92 Noris vom Gruntenblick SchH III FH AD BH IPO III Gekort bis EzA HD +/-
Anka com Hause Guthardt
Bezville Elbie HD00 Ch Tankerville Utan Vom Paladin GV IWT II V BST HD00 Kondor von der Flugschneise of Tankerville (IMP GER)
Enja vomhertenerwappen of Tankerville (APT, IMP, BST, HD00)
Ch Bezville Carmen V BA HD00 Ch Jagen Blue Ragged Robin of Shiedale (UK IMP)
Ch. Tankerville Helga of Bezville HD00, BA