Legion Alcatraz Born 03/01/2004  




Alcatraz (called Gibson) was bred from my A-litter. He is owned by Cherie Beedles, who spoils him to dealth. He has one of the best male temperaments (very ourgoing and friendly towards dogs and people), yet he makes an awesome guard dog at home. Gibson is very strong in type and has a stunning head.


Legion Alcatraz

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents
Ch Chanteur Dokai YGV GV BA V HD01 Chanteur Valnui HD 00 Chanteur Oriman HD00 Angus von Lutson HD00
Chanteur Andraska HD00
Chanteur Toi Raisa Chanteur Torroe
Chanteur Yola
Chanteur Xecki HD 00 Chanteur Jabask HD 00 Butz vom Schwaiger Wappen (Imp Ger) V HD 00
Chanteur Zana HD 00
Ch Chanteur Quansa YGVX V BA HD 10 Angus von Lutson HD 00
Bonni von den Rheinwiesen IPO I APT BST HD 00
Lübecker Asha of Legion BA ZTP APT BWT HD00 Ch VonSeestadt Quanto APT V BA HD00 Ch VonSeestadt Cuno Ex BA HD00 Ch Von Sophias Butz HD20
Ch Chanteur Ondine V HD00
VonSeestadt Emma HD00 Chanteur Osco of VonSeestadt HD01
Ch VonSeestadt Asheena Ex BA HD00
Ch Bezville Helga of Lubecker APT V BA HD10 Ch Jimmy Da Casa De S.Domingos YGV BA HD00 Afonso Da Casa De S.Domingos CH Port
Niky Vom Hause Boller Ch Port
Bezville Elbie HD00 Ch Tankerville Utan Vom Paladin GV IWT II V BST HD00
Ch Bezville Carmen V BA HD00